Education System in Pakistan - An Overview

The Ministry of Education of Pakistan and Government of states are responsible authorities for administration of Education in Pakistan. However, Federal Government decides the development of course curriculum, accreditation of courses and funding for researchers through institutes of Higher Education in Pakistan. The literacy rate in major cities is quite decent however, overall literacy rate is nearly 60%, wherein the male literacy rate is high compared to that of  female. Education is compulsory for children in age group of 5 to 16 years. The Education system in Pakistan is divided into 5 levels -
  • Primary School Education (Grade 1 to Grade 5)
  • Middle School Education (Grade 6 to Grade 8)
  • High School Education (Grades 9 and Grade 10, leading to Secondary School Certificate or SSC)
  • Intermediate Education (Grade 11 and Grade 12, leading to Higher Secondary School Certificate or HSC
  • University Education
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